Event Planning

When you choose to have one of our technicians at your event,

there’s just a few simple things that we require from you

to ensure we are able to fully support you and everything runs smoothly

Before Your Event

Your slide template, background and logos for use on your voting slides.

The event details – times, location, onsite contact.

Details of the audio visual set up in the room or a contact person at the hotel or AV company

who can provide us with these details.

At Least 3 Days Before Your Event

Provide a list of questions you want to ask your delegates and  the answers that you want them to choose from.

These should be provided in either a word document or Powerpoint presentation

using the layout provided below.

Please do not send via a PDF.

Layout of the questions and answers:

Question 1 text​

Answer 1

Answer 2

Answer 3

Question 2 text​

Answer 1

Answer 2



Questions can be updated up to and during the event

2 hours before your event or rehearsals

Our technician will arrive to set up and test the system and requires

  1. Some space in the room to operate two laptops, ideally in sight of the presenter or very close by

  2. An HDMI screen input to either the main projector or a switcher, provided by the venue or AV provider

  3. A sound feed to the room audio system (if you require countdown sound effects)

  4. A 13A power socket.

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