Voting Buttons &

Audience Response Systems 

For Hire

For maximum reliability and peace of mind we prepare your question slides in advance and provide a technician to operate the system on the day.

Suitable for those who:

  • Just want to leave it to us to prepare, operate and take responsibility for the system

  • Have no experience of using an audience response system

  • Are running an event with a large AV set up

If you feel confident in preparing your questions and can operate the voting system on the day, you can hire our voting keypads which will be delivered to you.

Suitable for those who:

  • Are happy preparing their own voting slides

  • Have experience using MS Powerpoint and Ombea voting software

  • Are happy to operate the system on the day or have IT/AV staff who can operate the system


What are Voting Buttons?

Formally known as Audience response systems  - voting buttons are a great way to get instant feedback from your audience.

How do Voting Buttons Work?

Audience Response Systems use 

special hardware and software 

to display questions to the audience.

The audience can then respond 

using a small handheld voting device or "clicker".

The responses are counted

and can be displayed instantly

within your presentation.

Is My Conference Venue 
Suitable for an
Electronic Voting System?

Our Audience Response Sytstems are for:

Up to 5000 delegates
Maximum 100m range
Available to rent or buy
Self or technician operated

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